thomod® was created to put the fun back into storage design. We provide the instructions to get you started – but the creative bit is up to you.

Forget DIY tedium, remember how you used to play. Have a go!

thomod® uses a revolutionary new fixing device (we like to call it ‘the Core’) to clamp shelf components together with a simple twist motion. There is no glue, no permanent fixings.

Simply locate | rotate | create and put the fun back into your storage solutions.


thomod® was created by Thomas Lawrie-Fussey. He wanted DIY to be fun. He wanted to combine his love of construction toys like LEGO with his more practical needs for a modular storage system. He wanted to have a system where the only creative limitations were his own. A system that he could build and rebuild as many times as he wanted. A system that he could change every time he got bored, every time he moved house, or every time he changed his colour scheme. So he created thomod®.

Why not join the revolution?

locate | rotate | create

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