Leading Edge Only
Jul 2015
thomod® has been selected to appear on the Leading Edge Only website, a global community for truly disruptive innovation.
2nd Patent Granted
Jun 2015
Our Patent has now been granted for our innovative tightening tool. This was originally designed around the thomod® concept, but has subsequently been developed to also work with any screw-head. The applications therefore include any low tightening-torque requirement, from flat-pack furniture through to kids' construction toys.

May 2015
thomod® were at Interzum in Cologne this month, visiting the vast array of specialist manufacturers of furniture systems. We now have a huge host of leads to follow up, thanks to all those companies that spent time with us to talk about the details of our innovative solution.

Red Dot Awards
Apr 2015
We've reached the final judging round of the Red Dot Design Awards. A genuine surprise and a vote of confidence that our system is continuing to turn heads and attract attention from the design community.

London Design Week
Sep 2014
The first ever exhibition of thomod® at TENT London was a great success. We demonstrated a complete wall-mounted shelving system (including our new wall bar mounting solution), and showed off our huge, working thomod® Core™ demonstrator.

Shelves complete
Aug 2014
We finally took delivery of the complete, painted shelves, ready for our TENT London exhibition stand. We've had a range of shelf designs manufactured, including 'chicane' and curved sections; all in our thomod® green!

Patent granted!
Jul 2014
The key to thomod® is the clever Core™ tightening system. This is now patent protected, with our GB application now granted.

Shiny new demonstrator
Jun 2014
Our huge thomod® demonstrator stand is finally now ready. It will be on show at TENT London, showing exactly how our innovative Core™ mechanism works.

Booked in for TENT London
May 2014
We have managed to secure the last exhibition space at TENT London for 18-21 September. Please do visit our stand N28 in hall T3, upstairs in the Old Truman Brewery, East London.

thomod® animation complete
Mar 2014
thomod® animation is now complete and live on our revamped website. Now you can see the mechanism at work!

thomod® featured in Cambridge press
Jan 2014
As a CEDAR award winner, thomod® is receiving positive coverage in the Cambridge press. Including the Cambridge Evening News, and Anglia Ruskin University.

THOMOD® wins CEDAR award
Dec 2013
thomod® has won an award from the CEDAR Enterprise Fellowship scheme, which provides funding for promising start-up companies. As part of the award, thomod® is also receiving mentorship from inspiring business leaders.

Manufacturer discussions
Aug 2013
Client conversations are now beginning in earnest, so please contact us urgently if your company is also interested in discussing the thomod® platform further.

Registered trademark
Jul 2013
® Application No.UK00003016612
We have now started the process of registering the thomod name and logo, to further protect the identity and brand. Assuming our application is successful, we should shortly be able to quote thomod®!

Looking for investors and partners
Jun 2013
Now that we have our patent position established, we are actively looking for companies to connect with. We are attending more furniture trade events and getting in touch with manufacturers who could benefit from the thomod® system. We are also actively conversing with Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, etc to enable us to mature the deisgn and to help accelerate bringing the thomod® concept to market soon. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

European patent update
May 2013
European Patent Application No. 11194702.4
Our EU patent application has now been updated. Based on detailed reviews of the examiners' initial comments and inspection of the prior-art, minor amendments have been prepared and filed.

British patent update
Apr 2013
British Patent Application No. 1021946.7
Our UK patent pending application is proceeding, and we have requested a delay to the final granting date to allow further divisional applications to be made. The planned final review date is now June 2014.

British patent update
Feb 2013
British Patent Application No. 1021946.7
Our full response to the examination report has now been prepared and submitted. We look forward to hearing from the examiner in due course regarding the final stages of us receiving the full granting of this Patent. We are now officially UK and EU patent pending.

HOME 2013 Exhibition
Jan 2013
thomod® attended the Home 2013 event at Earls Court to inform our assessment of the current UK furniture market, and to begin to target organisations whose brand and design are compatible with the thomod® system.

Shelving system CAD complete
Nov 2012
As part of our continued product development, we're enhancing our demonstration of the thomod® system by creating demonstration shelf units in lacquered MDF. First step was the sign-off of the CAD files, ready for manufacture.

European Patent Office Publication of Search Report
Oct 2012
The patent process continues - we've now received feedback from the EPO and with a few minor tweaks we're ready to proceed. The Core™ design is destined to be a well-protected mechanism.

New website launched
Sep 2012
As part of our product launch plan, we have released our upgraded website design. The website is now reflective of the thomod® brand, and features an enhanced range of images as well as improved site navigation. Visitors to the website can now see even more examples of finished thomod® designs and get a better feel for what it is all about!

Initial website launched
Jul 2012
The first iteration of thomod.com went live, providing an initial overview of the system. The web design will be upgraded later in the year to include a greater range of images and information.

Patents pending
Jul 2012
The patent applications have now been published, so we can proudly state Patent Pending on the Core design.
thomod ltd
Apr 2012
Company Registration number 8019106.
thomod® is now a limited company!

European patent submitted
Dec 2011
As part of our continued plan to safeguard the unique thomod® design, and to enhance the thomod® proposition for key target clients and investors, thomod Ltd is now in the process of seeking patent protection across Europe.

Improved prototype
Sep 2011
The second prototype, including a metal inner section, is now finished... and it works brilliantly! Many thanks to D2M in helping us to get to this crucial stage. All the design interations now feel worthwhile - the complex corkscrew guide paths used to lock the shelves together work perfectly. The gear-assisted front-face also locks nicely into position, and the overall design looks great in operation. The Core sinks into the shelf surface as you tighten it, and the whirring cogs are visible as it turns, until it locks satisfyingly into place.

First prototype created
Apr 2011
Today, using 3D printer technology, the first realisation of Thomas's idea was delivered. Until now, thomod® has existed only in sketches, scribbles and CAD, but now it has come to life! The prototype is a success, proving the theory works in practice. As expected with an initial prototype, it highlights elements that can be further tweaked to improve it, but even this initial prototype does the job. It turns, it locks into place and it looks great.

Patent process started
We have started the process of protecting the thomod® idea. Initial searches have been conducted, and the initial patent application has been made. Here we go!

The idea
...Many years ago
Thomas has had an idea. He wants DIY to be fun. He wants to combine his love of construction toys like LEGO with his more practical needs for a modular storage system. He wants to have a system where the only creative limitations are his own. A system that he can build and rebuild as many times as he wants. A system that he can change every time he gets bored, every time he moves house, or every time he changes his colour scheme. So he started the cogs whirring... and has come up with thomod®.

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